Terma & Syarat

1. Minimum order for our items is 100 units.

2. Items displayed in the pictures may be different in designs/color/quality/size from the tangible products. To ensure that you are fully satisfied upon receiving our products, please ask us prior to your purchase or you may come to our showroom to view the products yourself. Upon dissatisfaction of the product(s) received, we shall not refund the amount paid. Otherwise after agreeable discussion (or acceptable reason), products can be returned within 7 days from the date of collection; thereafter any claims shall not be entertained.

3. Reem Doorgift will not be responsible for any damage on the products occurred during the process of transporting. Customers are therefore encouraged to purchase insurance to insure for any damages on the products (especially fragile products).

4. Due to huge amount of orders and long process of production and printing, customers are advised to make orders at least 2 months(for Doorgifts) & at least 3 months(for Wedding Invitations) prior to your wedding ceremony.

5. Unless there is no delay, your ordered items will be ready for collection approximately 5-7 weeks from the date of your deposit payment.

6. Deposit is non-refundable and orders which have been made cannot be changed or cancelled after deposit has been made.

7. You are required to collect your ordered items within 2 weeks after the completion.

8. If you want to print names/writings on the item, let bookings made at least 2 months before the event. Had bookings made less than 2 months, we will only use the sticker (negotiable).

9. As for the names/writings to be printed on the item, its design will be determined solely by us; font type, font size, font colors and its design. If you would like to request for your own design, you can email it to us after the booking is made, however we are not responsible if it were an error in the result.

10. In case of products are not available due to production or clearing problems 2 weeks before your event date (after deposit has been made), you will be given these options :-
i) Deposit Refund
ii) Option to choose other available items :-
a. If your opted items are more expensive than your earlier orders, you will pay the excess amount.
b. If your opted items are cheaper than your earlier orders, Reem Doorgift will refund the excess amount.

Please take note that this transaction is based on the principle of satisfaction (Redha) of both parties.

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